On-Going Projects

Sl No Project Title Investigator(s) Duration Funding Agency
1 Photocatalytic Decontamination of Waste Water: Phase-II Dr. Suraj Tripathy (PI)

2018-2021 Swedish Research Council, Sweden
2 Development of solar-photocatalytic process for concurrent decontamination of antibiotics and bacteria from hospital effluent Dr. Suraj Tripathy (PI) 2016-2019 DST, Government of India
3 Mobilizing solutions for nitrogen recycling from air & water systems, UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub Dr. Suraj Tripathy (Co-PI) 2019-2024 UKRI, UK
4 Synthesis of soft-ionic microgels and their directed self-assembly using an external electric and chemical fields Dr. Priti Sundar Mohanty (PI) 2018-2020

DST-JSPS, Indo-Japan Cooperative Science Program me


Translational Research Program on Gastrointestinal Bacterial Pathogens

Dr. Priti Sundar Mohanty (One of the PI) 2018-2021 Centre of Excellence, DBT, India