KIIT School of Chemical Technology (KSCT), situated in the plush environs of KIIT in Campus 11, was started in 2017 as the first institute in the state to have integrated academic and research programmes in this field. Presently the school is under the mentorship of School of Biotechnology. The school houses two academic programmes, viz., B.Tech. in Chemical Technology (4 years) and  B.Tech./M.Tech. dual degree in Chemical Technology (5 years). Apart from academic courses, PhD programmes in various research areas like Materials Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology, Polymer Technology, Catalysis and Green Chemistry have also been started. In addition to the above mentioned programmes, KSCT is aiming to train and involve its students on various innovative research programmes funded by scientific agencies of the central/state government, as well as in public awareness programmes meant for the common man to benefit from applications of technology. KSCT in association with its mentor school i.e. School of Biotechnology is also the host to an entrepreneurship motivation hub called KIIT-TBI (Technology Business Incubator) that promotes young and innovative minds, transforming them into successful entrepreneurs.